Case Studies

Neuro Case Study

64-year-old male admitted to Markley Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center from Abington Memorial Hospital with admitting diagnosis of cerebral Infarction. Patient has history of Diabetes and CKD Stage 3. Patient arrived at the center non-ambulatory, a flaccid right side and Expressive Aphasia.

Nursing and Therapy Interventions

Monitor Labs – CBC, BMP
Medication Management – Asprin, Amlodipine, Atorvastatin
Wound Healing
Maintain Safety

Patient Care was led and directed by Physiatrist Care Services through onsite weekly rounds with Dr. Richard Rosenstein. In collaboration, the Rehab and the Clinical team guided his stay by monitoring Safety while working on Strengthening and Communication.


Patient gained the strength to ambulate 15 feet with a step gait pattern and learned communicative compensatory strategies. He returned home with his wife. He will continue to follow with PCP, Dr. Kimberly Feltner in the community, TBM for Home Care Services and Ocean Home Health.

Another Successful Clinical Outcome

A 71-year-old female was admitted to Markley Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center from Einstein Medical Center Montgomery with admitting diagnosis of Acute on Chronic Respiratory Failure with Hypoxia and COPD and Diastolic Heart Failure.

Nursing Interventions

Monitor Fluid Balance – 1500ml fluid Restriction, Daily Weight Monitoring, Dietician educated on good food choices.
Medication Management- Lasix 40 mg BID, Prednisone daily
Diagnostic Testing- CXR Monitoring and Lab Monitoring

Respiratory Interventions

Maintain Nocturnal Support- Trilogy AVAPS AE
Maintain Adequate Oxygenation- Chronic oxygen use at 4 lpm via NC
Bronchodilation and DB&C Exercises- Incentive Spirometry Pacing and Endurance Training


Patient returned home with her daughter after her STR stay. She returned home with Trilogy Nocturnal Support through Adaptive Health DME as well as Einstein Montgomery Home Health. She will continue to follow with PCP, Dr. Drumm in the community.


Upon admission, patient required maximum assistance with all self-care tasks and was able to ambulate 10 feet with minimal assistance. She was receiving occupational and physical therapy for 5 times throughout her stay. Upon discharge, she was independent with all self-care tasks, able to ambulate 60 feet with a rolling walker.

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